Pawn Loans Superior Pawn Company

What is a pawn loan?

Pawn loans are a quick in easy way to get cash without the hassle of credit checks. The loan is based off the value of your item. 

How long is a pawn loan?

Our pawn loans are on a 30 day period. Once you pawn an item with us you will receive a detailed receipt that shows the date it is due and the amount owed.

Can I renew my pawn loan, or must I pick it up at a certain time?

We do 30 day period loans, however, when your due date comes around and you do not have the total amount to get your pawn out you can get an extension or renewal. All you do is pay the interest amount that is associated with your loan and it will extend it for another 30 days from your due date.

Can you give me an estimate

for my item?

Due to all the factors that are involved in understanding

the value of an item please bring it into the store.

What type of items can I get a pawn loan on?

  • Jewelry - Even broken!

  • Coins

  • Firearms

  • Electronics

  • Boats

  • Automobiles

  • Trailers

  • Tools 

  • Musical Instruments

Can I make payments online?

Yes! Download the InstaPawn App on your smartphone, let us know and we will send you an activation code. This app will let you see your due dates and make payments from your phone!